Future Perks

Planned perks for Vanguards backers that can be unlocked in the future. We hope to add even more.

Your Name in Credits
And our eternal gratitude. Seriously, we mean it.
Game Early Access
Exclusive access to closed alpha/beta of EON Guardians game.
Exclusive In-Game Items
Weapon, Armor, & Skins in EON Guardians game.
Exclusive In-Game Title
Display your Backer # in-game in EON Guardians game.
Digital Soundtrack
Original music for your ears.
Game Dev Collaboration
Surveys & polls for ideas in the game
Manga VIP Access
Preview new chapters, Q&A's with the author

EON Origins (Manga)

It takes many months to make a game. Traditionally game developers go quiet in the early days of development, but we want to build with our community from day 1.

We want backers to start exploring our world through story and talk with us as we develop.

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