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What are

Vanguards are our way of crowdfunding to kickstart development of EON Guardians, our first major game title, and start collaborating with our community immediately. Backers will receive their own unique avatar - high resolution art hand-illustrated by artist @tamiwicinas and procedurally generated so no two are alike, all guaranteed unique!

the team


Game industry veterans with a passion for immersive gameplay, storytelling, and changing the way we build games.

Matrix hacker. Ex-Lucasfilm. Shounen protagonist. Cofounder.

Serial entrepreneur. Web3 true believer. Collector of things. Cofounder.

Illustrator of dreams. Pottery enthusiast.

Web3 Gaming Geek. Community Enjoyer.

Champion of Product. Advisor of Hadoukens.

Backer Perks

Backers are entitled to these perks and also all future perks that may be added, so long as they have a Vanguard digital collectible!

CCG In-Game Discount
10% Discount on all virtual currency-based purchases in EON Ancients CCG
CCG Legendary Card
1 Legendary card in-game in EON Ancients CCG
CCG Card Pack Utility x5
1 Vanguard has the same utility as 5 Ancients Card Packs
Exclusive In-Game Player Icon
Exclusive utility to display Vanguard PFP in EON Ancients CCG player profile
Exclusive In-Game Title
Exclusive in-game title in EON Ancients CCG
Vanguard Discord Role
Show your backer status with pride.
Future Perks!
The perks above are what we can promise based on this crowdfund. See what we have planned for the future here.


Our vision for the future of EON as a brand, game, and community!

1. Website Launch

Official launch of the EON Guardians website.

2. EON Ancients (Card Pack Mint)

First community utility free mint.

3. EON Ancients (CCG Announcement)

Community Co-Created Collectible Card Game!

4. EON Ancients (Pass Pack Airdrop)

Airdrop of pass packs for card pack holders

5. Vanguards Crowdfund Campaign*

Selling the first collection of Vanguards digital collectibles! LIVE NOW!

6. EON Ancients CCG (Alpha)

Playtesting Ancients CCG with our community

7. EON Ancients CCG Season 1

First content & tournament season of EON Ancients CCG with prizes!

8. EON Ancients CCG (Beta)

Public free-to-play launch of our CCG

9. EON Guardians (Pre-Alpha)

Most of Vanguard funds will go towards building the first playable demo of EON Guardians.

10. VC Fundraising

Making a game of this scale will need more resources, the roadmap up to this point will support us a ton in this effort.

11. EON Guardians (Future)

Closed Beta, Open Beta, Launch, and more!

Become a Backer!

Crowdfund is live now! We need your support! Chances are if you are here, you're a friend or family of the team and we thank you for support. If you're not, then be ready to become part of the EON family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why EON Guardians?
How will backer funds be used?
Why crowdfund via Vanguards? Why not something like Kickstarter?
Why does the price have a range?
Why isn't delivery of digital collectibles instantaneous?
Is it an NFT?